Mattitiyahu S. Zimbler, Ph.D.

Mattitiyahu Zimbler was born and raised in western Massachusetts. He never thought he'd find his way back to this part of the country, yet now he lives in Amherst, MA with his wife and two adorable pit bulls.

After completing a dance and psychology double major at Wesleyan University, Matt took his talents to Brooklyn in the summer of 2001. Despite terrorist attacks and countless hours spent commuting underground, NYC never felt like home. Perhaps in an attempt to overcorrect his turn towards urban claustrophobia, Matt next moved to a mountainside apartment to teach English to rural Japanese schoolchildren. It was much quieter there.

Lured back to the States by the prospect of once again being able to communicate with people on the street, Mattitiyahu settled in Cambridge, MA. While volunteering in a psychology lab at Harvard, Matt took a number of positions including teaching ESL to foreigners and taking fan photos for the Boston Red Sox. It remains a highlight of Matt's life that, after taking pictures all day at the park, he caught Dustin Pedrioa's first Fenway Park home run while atop the Green Monster. His in-laws still suspect forgery.

For the past 8 years, Matt has been reveling in the natural beauty of the Happy Valley where he completed his Ph.D. in Social Psychology in the field of romantic relationships. Being a so called "doctor of love" has led to gigs officiating weddings and unofficially counseling strangers.

Besides the blog, Mattitiyahu is currently working on a book length work of comedic non-fiction titled, The Worst Sex I Ever Was.